Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Travel is always great with the right people

When I think of all the planes I have flown on, the most memorable trips are with family with notable exceptions to and across the Ice.

A journey in life is only as significant as the people who accompany us. It sounds like a relatively simple quote but it is even more significant to me as I travel regularly for business without my family.

One trip I recall was to visit my grandparents, Anne and Ralph, in San Diego. This was one of those times that my brother Ian and I flew unaccompanied.

He didn't know it but being his traveling companion was always fun. I felt a sense of responsibility for him, as a big brother should. I knew he would do anything to look out for me too. And, the best part was we were together on the journey with a handful of activities and flight attendants who kept an eye on us at first, saw we were good kids, left us alone, and made sure we got off the plane safely.

If nothing else, writing this makes me wonder when Ian and will ride together again.