Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's the Name of That Song?

Not being a musical person, or at least not attesting to be proficient as a singer or a musician, I love music. I love the quality of so manny different genres and don't like so very few, that one may say I am in the 'undecided' category when it comes to favorites.

Not true. I have favorite scores, jingles, singles, and artists, albums, and guest performances on Sesame Street. The most confounding thing for me is that I can barely remember the words, adn sometimes, the very artists to which I listen. It doesn't stop me from enjoying the music.

Despite some hearing loss induced by aging, tell my friends and family that the voice on one song is the same voice on another song produced years apart. I can usually do this with such accuracy that my wife is annoyed when she states, "This is (insert name of artist of band)... They also play (insert another song title)". To which I usually say "NO".

I am not trying to be rude, it is something I just know your wrong. Of course, I can hardly ever support my argument because I can hardly ever remember the name of the band or artist who is actually playing the current selection on the radio.

So for all of you who say "What's the name of that song?" I am with you one hundred and three percent. For those who think you know who sings it, my apologies right up front for saying your wrong.